Turnkey Systems


Turnkey systems or turnkey plants as they are usually called are packaged units which cover basic engineering, layout design, supply of equipment, interconnecting piping, required instrumentation and control systems and skid structure(steel structure), if required. Our involvement extends upto supervision of erection and commissioning of these units.

The following systems are designed and supplied by Graphite India Limited:

Hydrochloric Acid (HCl) Synthesis unit

Rrequired in manufacturing of caustic soda, chlorine dioxide and some other industries which use HCl gas directly for their down stream use.

Dry HCl Gas Generation Unit

Required in manufacture of drugs and intermediates speciality chemicals.

Absorber/Absorption System for HCI, HF, HBr

Required for concentration of dilute H2SO4(spent acid) produced in chemical process industries.

Hydrochloric Acid (HCl) Synthesis Unit

  1. Graphite India Limited offers compact and top fired units with or without steam generation
  2. It consists of burner assembly, combustion chamber, absorber, tail gas tower and interconnecting piping.
  3. The unit is provided with accessories like moisture separators, flame arrestors, seal pots, bursting discs and instrumentation to ensure safe and smooth operation
  4. The burner is made of graphite and its life expectancy is much more as compared to other.
  5. The special design of burner ensures complete combustion of free chlorine content in product acid is less than 2-3 ppm. The design also facilitates online burner cleaning.
  6. The cost of replacement of graphite burner cap is quite low compared to other burner.
  7. The instrumentation control system is designed to suit specific needs and the operation of the unit can be completely in auto mode including auto firing or the unit can be operated in semi auto mode/manual control
  8. The unit can be supplied in skid mounted fashion(i.e. steel structure) and if required as per 2014/68/EU & ATEX directive the unit can also used to produce dry HCI gas

Dry HCI Gas Generation Unit

  1. The unit is designed to produce Dry HCl gas with purity more than 99 % by distillation of hydrochloric acid available commercially.
  2. There are two routes :
    • One route is a simple distillation where the bottom product is 20-22 % HCl solution, which is an azeotrope.
    • In the second route which is an azeotropic distillation, the bottom product is 1 % HCl solution and calcium chloride solution is recirculated during this process.
  3. The units consist of distillation column, reboilers, condensers, coolers, graphite pump and knock out drum.
  4. The unit is provided with suitable instrumentation for smooth operation.
  5. The unit can be supplied in skid fashion.

Absorber/Absorption System for HCI, HF, HBr

  1. Absorber can either be isothermal falling film type or adiabatic.
  2. Both polyblock type and shell and tube type equipment can be used as an absorber
  3. Can be designed to handle very dilute gases
  4. System offered ensures complete absorption of gas ensuring unabsorbed gases going into vent in ppm level by providing packed bed towers at the exit. Packing used in Tail scrubber is either in ceramic or in graphite.
  5. Can be adapted for continuous and batch operation


Chloro organic industries, agrochemicals, bulk drugs, refrigerant gases