Impervious Graphite Equipment


Graphite India Limited – Graphite
Equipment Division

From its inception in 1983, this Division has come a long way and today regarded as one of the leading manufacturers in the world of Graphite Heat and Mass transfer equipment and systems

It was started in Nasik, India as Graphite Vicarb India Ltd in collaboration with Vicarb SA, France. After collaboration with Vicarb SA ceased in the early nineties, the division was merged with other Nasik based group companies and the name given was Carbon Everflow Ltd.

In 2002, after merger with parent company the name changed to Graphite India Ltd.

The product range is broadly classified into equipment, turnkey systems and accessories.

Equipment include Impervious Graphite heat exchangers (shell and tube & poly block type) which are used as condensers, coolers, heaters, re-boilers, evaporators, interchangers, graphite columns for distillation, absorption and scrubbing, ejector systems and centrifugal pumps.

Turn-key systems include HCl synthesis unit (with or without steam generation), dry HCl gas generation unit, H2SO4 / HCl concentration unit, and acid dilution cooling unit.

Accessories like bursting discs, thermowells, pipes and pipe fittings (valves, tees, bends, etc)

These equipment find application to handle corrosive fluids in chemical process industries like chlor-alkali, phosphate fertilizers, agrochemicals, bulk drug intermediates, metal processing, chlorine based organic chemicals, rayon etc.

We have representatives in Benelux, China, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Morocco & North Africa, Spain, South Korea & Turkey.