Impervious Graphite Heat Exchangers


Polyblock Type Heat Exchanger

  1. The blocks are made of Phenolic impregnated or PTFE impregnated graphite.
  2. Blocks can be cylindrical or cubical
  3. Heat transfer area from 0.1 m2 to 1000 m2
  4. Design pressure full vacuum /12 bar gauge depending on block model or even more with some special design
  5. Special features like end chamber cooling, multi entry utility flow, gas liquid separator, multipass arrangement depending on application
  6. More than 200 types of block model available

Polyblock type heat exchangers are used as Condensers, Coolers, Heaters, Reboilers, Evaporators(Forced circulation, thermosiphon, falling film, etc) in industries like Agrochemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Metal processing etc.

Shell and Tube Type Heat Exchanger

  1. The tubes and tube sheets are made of Phenolic impregnated graphite.
  2. The domes/headers are made of graphite, special steels like SS-904, PTFE/PFA lined or rubber lined.
  3. The baffles are made of graphite or steel.
  4. The graphite tubes can be carbon fibre reinforced, if required,
  5. The shell is made of steel or steel lined with rubber, graphite or PTFE/PFA lined
  6. Heat transfer area upto 1500 m2
  7. Tube length upto 8 mtr
  8. Design pressure full vacuum/ 10 bar gauge on process side and service side depending on the application of the heat exchanger Special features like full baffles near tube sheets to prolong life in operation.


Evaporator required in phosphoric acid production for concentration of P2O5, in Rayon industries for spin bath heating, for condensation/cooling of gases containing corrosive chemicals, as absorbers, coolers, heaters, flue gas(from incinerators), quenching for corrosive acidic media.

Monoblock Heat Exchanger

  • Compact design resulting in less space requirement
  • Simple construction resulting in ease in maintenance
  • General design pressure rating : 6 bar G / Full vacuum
  • Multi-pass arrangement enabling optimized design solution
  • Suitable material of construction can be offered for corrosive service on process and service sides
  • Impervious Graphite block and Graphite lateral chambers for process fluid
  • Metallic Lateral chambers for service fluid. (Suitable lining can be provided if required)

Applications as coolers, condensers and interchangers