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At Graphite India Limited (GIL), we encourage employees to constantly upgrade theirperformance, by practicing optimum deployment of their skill sets, respecting interpersonalrelationship and nurturing team spirit. The company believes in Learning, Training, Development andPerformance Management System as critical areas, as a part of Business. Majority of the employeesare associated with the company for more than two decades, and have grown over the period oftime with the progress of the Company which speaks volume about the Work Culture of theCompany. We keenly look for competencies and provide opportunities for enhancement, based onperformance.

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It has come to our notice that some persons calling themselves as agentsworking on behalf of Graphite India Ltd (GIL) are directing candidates to thecompany after providing false information of employment vacancies for afee/charge.

GIL hereby cautions the public, not to fall prey to such persons and not partwith any money on any pretext. Graphite India does not have any agent/s engagedfor employment activities. GIL will not be responsible as a consequence of anyfraudulent representation or activity towards any member of the public, who mayfall prey to such activities.

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