Graphite Electrodes


The Product

Graphite Electrodes find application in manufacture of Steel and other non-ferrous metals through the Electric Arc Furnace and the Laddle Furnace routes. It is used as a consumable for conducting high current at low voltage which is necessary for melting and / or alloying processes.

Graphite is the unique material for Electrodes as it optimally fulfils the requirements on the following criteria :

  • Electric and Thermal Conductivity
  • Mechanical Strength
  • Thermal Shock Resistance
  • Machinability
  • Thermal Expansion

Designed for increased productivity and ultra high performance

GIL manufactures a wide range of electrodes from 200 mm ( 8” ) diameter to 750 mm ( 30” ) diameter in Ultra High Power ( UHP ), Ultra High Power for LF ( UHP-LF / SHP ), High Power ( HP ) and Regular Power ( RP ) for AC and DC furnaces. It specializes in the manufacture of large diameter electrodes as borne out by the concentration of these sizes in the total array of products. The UHP family of Electrodes are manufactured by using the premium quality Needle Coke, which is crucial to attain superior performance.