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The Product

GIL ,  the largest manufacturer  of  synthetic Graphite and  Carbon in India  also  offers  
Speciality Carbon and Graphite Products and machined components for specialized application like :-

•    Steel
•    Non-Ferrous Metal
•    Metallurgy
•    Solar
•    Semi Conductor
•    Chemical
•    Glass
•    Quartz
•    Mechanical and other process industries

Our product range covers :

•    Extruded Graphite in the form of Rods and Blocks
•     Mini Rods
•    Graphite Tubes
•    Heat Exchanger Tubes
•    Moulded Mold Graphite
•    Isostatically Molded Graphite
•    Machined Components of Carbon and Graphite 
•    Carbon Graphite/Bricks
•    Carbon-Carbon Composits / Brake Discs

The following unique properties are harnessed in Speciality applications : 

•    Modulated Electrical Resistivity  
•    Thermal conductivity
•    High thermal shock resistance
•    High inertness to chemical attack
•    High Level of Purity 
•    Easy machinability  

The Speciality factories have the state-of–the-art production facilities and precision machining equipments. The products are duly supported by a focused research on contemporary scientific advancements and ability to cater to emerging needs of the market .

We have been selling our products in as many as 50 countries around the world with representatives in the major consumer locations.


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