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Graphite India (NSE: GRAPHITE, BSE: 509488) is the largest Indian producer of graphite electrodes and one of the largest globally, by total capacity. Its manufacturing capacity of approximately 98,000 MTPA is spread over four plants in India and Germany. The company accounts for ~6.5% of global electrode capacity and has over 40 years of technical expertise. With its corporate office in Kolkata, India, the company services its clients in over fifty countries.

The objective of Graphite India Investor Relations is to ensure continuous and open communication with all financial market participants.
FY 2017
» Annual Report
» Presentations
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Corporate Presentation Mar 2017
» Financial Results & Presentation
Document Name 
Q3 FY2017 Earnings Presentation
Q3 FY2017 Financial Results
Q2 FY2017 Earnings Presentation
Q2 FY2017 Financial Results
Q1 FY2017 Earnings Presentation
Q1 FY2017 Financial Results
Q4 FY2017 Financial Results
Q4 FY2017 Earnings Presentation
» Press Releases
» Shareholding Pattern
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Shareholders as on Dec 30, 2016
Shareholders as on Sep 30, 2016
Shareholders as on Mar 31, 2017
Shareholders as on June 30, 2016
» Shareholder's Information
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Public Notice of AGM FY2017
» Intimations to stock exchanges
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Response to Shareholder Query
Contact details of Registrar
Notification for Investors Meet 200317
Credit Rating
Notification for Investors Meet 090317
Notification for Investors Meet 030317
Notice of Board Meeting Q3 FY17
NSE Letter - 10 Jan 17
Notice of Board Meeting Q2 FY17
Statement of Investor Complaints Q2 FY17
Closure of Trading window Q2 FY17
Notice of Board meeting Q1FY17
Closure of trading window Q1 FY17
Regulation 7(3)
Statement of Investor Complaints Q3 FY17
Statement of Investor Complaints Q4 FY17
Notice of Board Meeting Q4 FY17
Intimation for Dividend Q4 FY17
» Corporate Governance
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Management and Board Biographies
Committees of Board of Directors
Corporate Governance Policy
Code of Conduct
Vigil Mechanism
Familiarisation Programmes for Independent Directors
Policy on Related Party Transactions
Material Subsidiary Policy
Specimen letter of Appointment-Directors
Code of Practices and Procedures for Unpublished Price Sensitive Information
Archival Policy
Policy of Determination of Materiality of Events
Contact Information
Report on Corporate Governance
Dividend Distribution Policy
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CSR Policy
» Research Coverage
» Unpaid and Unclaimed Dividends
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Transfer of Shares to IEPF
Dividend- Interim 2015-2016
Dividend- Final 2014-2015
Dividend- Final 2013-2014
Dividend- Final 2012-2013
Dividend- Final 2011-2012
Dividend- Final 2010-2011
Dividend- Final 2009-2010
Dividend- Final 2008-2009
FY 2016
FY 2015
FY 2014
FY 2013
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