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Carbon Products
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The Products
Gil, also offers various Carbon Products for application in aluminium, Steel, Ferro Alloys and Foundry Castings Industries. 
Our Products Range Covers :
Product Source Applications
Calcined Petroleum Coke
Derived from Calcined process of Green Coke,a Residue of distillation of crude oil
 1. Manufacture of Anode & Cathode in Aluminium 
 2. Raw Material for Graphite Electrode Paste.
 3. Carbon Raiser in Steel & Foundry Industry.
 4. Conductive Backfill in ground Electrode station.
Carbon Electrode Paste
Mix of Calcined Petroleum Coke and Binder Pitch
 1. Conductor in submerged Arc Furnace under self
     Baking Process popularly known as SODERBERG 
     ELECTRODE, used in manufacturing of Ferro
     alloys,carbide & Metal Cleaning Process.
 2. Carbon Tamping Paste used as application in Furnace
     Lining/refurnishing of submerged Furnace.
Bulk Product
A. Graphite 
     Granules &
Obtained from machining of Graphite Electrode
 Used in manufacture of high Quality steel, friction
 material, lubricants etc. due to its low content of Sulphur,
 Nitrogen & Oxygen.
B. Carbonaceous
Obtained during Manufacture of Graphite Electrode
 Used as Carbon Raiser in Foundry applications namely
 Met Coke etc.
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